A Legacy Shared with Juliette Gordon Low



Claire Spurlock, 7, has a double legacy.  Both legacies are tied to Juliette Gordon Low, the founder of Girl Scouts.


Claire is a first year Girl Scout, with Troop 1317.  Her mom Katie was a Girl Scout.  Juliette Low was … well, that’s pretty obvious.


Claire is also part of a Stuart Hall legacy.  Stuart Hall is an Episcopal day and boarding school in Staunton.  Mom Katie attended Stuart Hall.  Brother Sam Drumeller, 16, is an eleventh grader there.  Claire, now a student at McSwain Elementary, will be attending.  Juliette Low (you probably see where this is heading) attended Stuart Hall.


On February 4, says Katie, “I released my children to go sell cookies around the school and within half an hour they sold 45 boxes.  Claire was thrilled with her new success and confidence!  Thank you, Girl Scouts.”


As of March 16, Claire is up to 155 boxes.  She has done the selling herself … with her brother’s guidance:  “Claire, it’s much cuter if you and I do this; not with Mom.”  “Claire, remember eye-contact.”


Way to go, Claire!


Spurlock Family Feb 2015


Claire, Sam, Katie, and Headmaster
Mark Eastham pose in front of the
Juliette Gordon Low memorabilia
at Stuart Hall.

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