An Animal Invasion at Icimani!

by Molly B Cox


I bared my teeth at some girls yesterday!


Well … okay … actually, Aunt Cyndi pushed back my lips to show the girls what a fine set of choppers I have.  But for a moment there, I felt really ferocious!




I was at Dark Hollow Day Camp June 25, down at Icimani Adventure Center.  It was Interest Day and as one of the modules, camp director Judy “Fred” Moore wanted the girls to learn about animals.  I, of course, was the main attraction (ahem).  But I was joined by some prime examples of the animal kingdom.


Click on each photo to see a larger version.




Marianne, Joe and Emily brought Jeremiah, a 16-year-old Rocky Mountain Horse.  They’re from Stars and Stripes Farm in Fincastle.


DSCF0199  DSCF0200


Trisha brought Sara, a Golden Retriever who visits hospitals and nursing homes as a therapy dog through Pet Partners and TheraPets.




K, Syd and Sadie brought two spotted hedgehogs:  Tiggy (mom) and Lucy (daughter).  Tiggy entertained inside a rolling ball while Lucy snuggled with our girls.  K works with Aunt Cyndi at the Girl Scout council.


DSCF0198   DSCF0182


Nancy brought Ripley, a seven-month-old Australian Shepherd who, incidentally, is starting therapy-dog training with TheraPets.


DSCF0183    DSCF0197


Kati and Becky brought Jaimie, a Papillon being trained as a service dog for the deaf, through Virginia-Carolina Hearing Dogs.


I wouldn’t say I enjoyed being petted, pampered and adored … well, yes, I WOULD say that!  Those girls know how to spoil a mare rotten and I am more than happy to oblige!  (I think they brushed the fur right off Jeremiah.)




As the unofficial Girl Scout horse, I would like to thank all those wonderful people and pets.  Girl Scouting offers opportunities to girls that they just can’t get anywhere else.  I am proud to be a part of it.

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