Did You Know This? … Part Three!!

by Molly B Cox




When I threatened anew to make up titillating stories about them if they didn’t voluntarily submit interesting tidbits about themselves, a few more of my co-workers complied.


Susan GS troop


Susan Peyton provided a picture from GS Junior troop 461 in Waynesboro.  She says, “Realize it’s also a wretchedly OLD photo from 1969.  I’m in the top row on the right.  There’s either a glint off my glasses or a spot on the photo.  I know I have a copy of my newspaper article and photo when I earned my First Class.  So the story would be our Cadette trip to Washington DC.  Carol Cooper and I were riding those open window tour buses on Constitution Avenue (no adults; just the two of us).  And we were held up in traffic, so were stopped.  There were a number of street vendors on the sidewalks and suddenly someone pulled out a gun and there were shots fired.  I think police were on the scene almost immediately and subdued the shooter.  We had obviously ducked down in our seats!!  When the traffic cleared up, the driver gave a huge sigh of relief.  You know, I don’t think I told my parents for quite some time about that adventure.  Oh, wait!!  You want GS stories that won’t scare off parents.  Hmm.  I’ll have to think about that.”


Sandy Barbour:  “A little known fact is that I sat as a speaker, with a group, before the House Ways and Means Committee in 2003 for Trade Adjustment.  It was the day after we had to wine and dine (schmooze) with an open party/gathering for any Demo’s and Repub’s and their “royal courts” that wanted to attend.  First we had a luncheon event in a chamber room in the Russell Senate Office Building and then we had to take the underground trolley/subway system over to the Longworth House Office Building to have an evening cocktail event for the House members.  Of course, we had more clerks show up than Congressmen or women but it was still very interesting.”


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