Did You Know This? … Part Two!

by Molly B Cox




Well, I am pleased to say that some of my co-workers took me seriously when I threatened to make something up if they didn’t voluntarily share some tidbit about themselves.


Kelly Persinger:  “A fun fact about me?  There are none … I think we’re better off with you making this one up.”  (That can be arranged!)  Then she relented.  “I used to grade/buy/sell/trade diamonds in my last job.”  Also, “I was a hairstylist with a white or orange (depending on the time) Mohawk in my early twenties.”


Terrie Richardson:  “I did not get to be a Girl Scout when I was a girl.  But when I grew up, I became a Girl Scout volunteer for my three daughters for 10 years.  I had a great Girl Scout experience!”


I also asked them for some funny Girl Scout stories.


K Lanier:  “One time when we were camping, maybe we were Junior Girl Scouts, my best friend and I were in the platform tent with her mother.  Mrs. Norman was not what you would call ‘outdoorsy.’  So, April and I took a rubber mouse and put it on top of her sleeping bag.  We woke her up yelling that there was a mouse on her!  She proceeded to shake it off ONTO HER DAUGHTER!!!  We all just about died laughing!”


Amy Baker:  “I was May Queen my senior year of college — Southern Sem.  Long white dress, crown and even a jester!  I wore my riding boots under the dress!”


Jennifer Pfister:  “While hiking to the Cascades waterfall with my Adventurers one fall, one of my Girl Scouts asked if she could climb the waterfall. To which I replied, ‘Absolutely not!’  Then over the next half-hour she proceeded to shower me with the why not’s and begged for permission to climb. ‘I’ll do it when the younger girls aren’t looking.’  ‘You can come with me!’  ‘If you just turn your back for a minute….’  ‘It’s only 60 feet high.’  ‘We’ve climbed rocks before just not with water on them.’  As we left the waterfall and headed back down the trail, she turned her pathetic puppy dog eyes on me and pointed to the waterfall one last time — to which I replied, ‘I know that look.  I recognize that persistence.  It’s the same style I used with my own Girl Scout leader when I was a kid.  You’re in my troop for a reason — what comes around, goes around!’  I’m sure my childhood troop leader Mrs. O’Quinn would smile and agree.”


Kim Coake:  “When I was a Brownie, our troop went on a two-night Mother/Daughter camping trip.  By the second day, we lost water to the building so we had to go home early.  Didn’t get to stay the second night.”


Marc Johnson:  “Early in my life, I worked at a lot of camps during the summer. One summer in the Adirondacks of New York, we had a bear problem.  One particular bear was constantly getting into trash and trying to get into our commissary.  Some of the trail food we used for out-of-camp trips had a fortified cracker/biscuit that no one liked.  We kept the biscuits in boxes to be thrown away at the end of the summer.  I had thrown one into our lake and over a couple of hours it expanded into a basketball size mushy mass.  I left two large boxes of these out on the commissary porch one evening.  Needless to say they were all gone when I came in the next morning.  About 2 PM we could all hear a loud groaning noise coming from the woods that lasted a couple of hours.  After that, we did not see the bear any more.”


Kelly Persinger:  “I was never a Girl Scout, so I guess I have to tell a story about my time working at GSVSC.  I had to leave work early on my first day of work at GSVSC.  This was the first day that Heidi had to ride the bus to daycare instead of home, since I would be working.  Around 3 PM, I got an urgent call from my husband (who was in Radford at the time) that the daycare had called stating that Heidi had never arrived from school.  I immediately tore out of the parking lot and raced towards home, all the way entertaining what horrible things could have happened to my little kindergartner.  As my tires screeched to a halt in my driveway, I saw her.  She had gotten off at the neighborhood bus stop and let herself in the back door.  I guess I forgot to lock it.  I could see her staring out the window at me; she looked even more worried than me.  I thought about how scared she must be, home alone for the first time in her life.  But as I walked in the door, I realized the true reason behind her panicked expression: she had taken the opportunity to help herself to about a week’s worth of after-school snacks, and now she was BUSTED!”


Do you have a funny Girl Scout story to share?  If so, please e-mail Aunt Cyndi at cyoungpreston@gsvsc.org.

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