Did You Know This???!!!!

by Molly B Cox




Now, I wasn’t exactly invited to the various volunteer kickoffs (ahem).  But Aunt Cyndi said she heard so many volunteers say that it was nice to meet and get to know the council staff.


That gave me an idea.  Why not write some stories that feature the staff and let the rest of you get to know them, too.  So I asked everyone to send me one little-known fact.  This post will tell you facts about a few of them.  I’ll add more staff stories as the information trickles in.


I’ll go first.  I have two children.  I know, I know … I don’t look old enough to have two kids, but I do.  My younger son, Joker (who belongs to Aunt Cyndi), was taller than I am when he was just a yearling!


Speaking of Aunt Cyndi:  When she was a reporter, she covered a Ku Klux Klan rally!  The Imperial Wizard of the United States denounced her publicly for allegedly conspiring with the FBI to prevent the rally from taking place.  (Aunt Cyndi regrets that it wasn’t the FBI— just the state police — that tried to shut down the rally, and she didn’t conspire with anyone.  All she did was write a story that the Klan hadn’t applied for a permit to assemble, and if anyone showed up they’d be arrested.  Big difference.)


K Lanier says she was once pictured in a medical journal in a sonogram (you may e-mail K at klanier@gsvsc.org to ask her for details).   She also used to drive a school bus.  (I know that’s more than one little-known fact.  Live with it.)


Star Mays writes:  “I’m definitely a country girl at heart.  I love to fish and hunt (deer, squirrel, turkey) and I clean and eat what I kill.  Don’t get me wrong:  I do like the girl stuff, too — like getting my toes done or going to wineries for wine tasting or cruising in the Caribbean.  I have had the joy of working in a grocery store as a butcher and fell in love with the job.  The skills I learned in the meat department have definitely helped me with the processing of wild game.”


Allison Kirchner:  “I have eaten several ‘odd’ foods, including a century egg, abalone, sea urchin, a lamb eye and brain, and fresh octopus that was still moving.  I have flown all the way around the world, literally.”


Emily Murdock:  “I was a coxswain in high school for our crew team.  Our team went to England and rowed in the international Women’s Henley Regatta, and got second place.  We lost to a team of grown Welsh women.”


Sierra Richardson:  “I’m an adventure junkie — whether it be skiing black diamonds, white water rafting, roller coasters, caving, rock climbing, surfing, snowshoeing, or backpacking.  I’ve tried it all and I love it!”


When Melissa Hildebrand was a lifeguard, she had two rescues!


At the age of 19, Jennifer Pfister interned with Ralph Nader’s group, The Center for Auto Safety, in Washington, D.C.  She spent the summer stuffing thousands of envelopes with car safety recalls and also investigated the injuries/deaths suffered by the now-defunct automatic seat belt.


Tammy Shank:  “I recorded a singing CD with my family at a studio in Tennessee.  We actually spent two days in the studio recording 12 songs.  Several of the musicians that played back-up had also worked in Nashville studios on famous country music performers’ albums.  We decided not to let the studio release any of the songs for national play, because half of the group did not want to travel on a regular basis.  We currently sell our CDs locally when we sing out somewhere as a family.”


Kim Coake:  “When I was little, I wanted to be an artist … but I have no artistic talent.”


Amee Rendon:  “I am tri-lingual.  I can speak English (obviously), French (my speaking skills are better than my writing skills) and Spanish (my writing skills are better than my speaking skills.  I also have the WORST Spanish accent when I speak it).  I learned French and Spanish at the same time, which is why I have dominant skills in each of them … or so I’m told.”


Marc Johnson and his family are into estate jewelry.


Millie Steele:  “I’ve earned my Ms. Fix-It badge more times than I can count.  I once fixed an offset press with paper clips.  The steel band that holds the rollers together broke, so I used a paper clip to hold it together and continued to work the rest of the day producing printed materials until the repair person came to fix it.  He thought that was most clever.  Once I was on vacation with two other people in California.  We had driven to the beach in an old Toyota truck and when we got out to go to the beach — the keys were locked inside.  The back window was open about two inches and I used my shoestring and a long stick to hook the button on the door.  Newer cars don’t have that any more … for a reason.  I don’t try to fix electrical things, though.  I once tried to repair an alarm clock that wouldn’t buzz anymore and blew the circuits in the house!!”


Amy Baker:  “When I was a senior in high school, I landed in LA the day of the Rodney King verdict.  We were confined to LAX for a couple hours until we were escorted to our hotel.  We were there for a DECA Business and Marketing convention … 1,500 high school students. We watched looting and fires.  My mother tried to charter a plane to fly my teacher and me home and the flights were grounded.  Disney was guarded by the National Guard during our visit.  It was a crazy trip.”


Check back periodically, and I will add other little-known facts.  I sent word via Aunt Cyndi that staff members could either send me their facts voluntarily or I would make them up!

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