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What fun!  My own Girl Scout experiences just go back a few years, when Aunt Cyndi started taking me to events.  So I love hearing human Girl Scouts telling stories about their GS years.  Here are some memories from my dear friend Susan Peyton.



“Junior GS troop — our camping trip to Sugar Hollow.  Remember this was before the multi-purpose building, before any showers, only one tent next to Patterson Hall.  Certainly no fridge or improvements in Patterson Hall.  As 6th graders, we were given the privilege of sleeping in the one tent by Patterson Hall, way away from the rest of the troop, who were at Running Creek.  Naturally, someone had to go to the bathroom in the middle of the night.  So, we all decided to go; we opened the tent flap and started down the steps.  Only to see a bear between us and the latrines.  Suddenly no one had to go to the bathroom anymore!!


“A non-GS story:  Spring 1978 — I was in Fredericksburg going to Mary Washington College.  I had an internship with the National Organization of Women, lobbying for the Equal Rights Amendment in Richmond at the State Capitol.  Right before my internship ended, I came down with a horrendous sinus infection that immediately went into bronchitis.  Mom came and picked me up to take me back home to Waynesboro.  Two days later, the picture on the front page of the Richmond Times Dispatch was of my two bosses being literally dragged out of the state capitol by the police.  Needless to say, I learned then and there that the end does not justify the means.  Plus, that was the luckiest illness I’ve ever had!


“My mother was not someone who kept things for their sentimentality.  My Dad was.  So, I have my original permission to join Girl Scouts and my notes on my application for an international exchange.  I finally got to scanning them in, because they’ll probably go to GSVSC archives sooner or later.”


Carol, Barbie and Susan getting First Class  permission to join GS
Susan notes for app intl exchange photos from First Class ceremony

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