Giving Credit Where Credit is Due

One of our ardent volunteers … a true Unsung Hero … wants to know, “When am I going to get the recognition I deserve??!!!!”


She has a point.  She’s helped with any number of camps … rain or shine.  She’s been the guinea pig for girls to learn how to wrap a bandage.  She has played horsey with kindergartners.  She’s had a thermometer stuck up … never mind.  She has stood patiently while little girls brushed and braided her hair.


She even knows how to pronounce Icimani.


Molly B Cox (you can call her Molly) is the Unofficial Girl Scout Mascot.  The zaftig 16-year-old has helped celebrate membership goals.  She’s given rides at Pony Tales.  She’s endured public check-ups at Vet Science Camp.  Her photos have graced the pages of Sky’s the Limit, Summertime Sensations, and Skyline Magazine.  Yet she has never received an Honor Pin, or a Thanks Badge, or even a pat on the neck at Annual Meeting.


So as the 2014 summer camp season gets underway, let’s rectify a wrong and give this girl a shout-out.


In an exclusive interview with S’More to Think About, we finally discover what drives this sweet lady to give so much of her time to Girl Scouting.  Molly B … this is for you.





Molly, tell us a little bit about yourself.

“I’ve lived in the Roanoke Valley all my life.  When I was six, I moved to Hawk Hill Farm [Author’s Note:  Owned by Leah and Ken Coffman] just outside of Fincastle.  My foster mom, Laura Coffman Cox, lives right next door.  I have four BFFs:  Kiwi, Achieva, Marci and Mia.  We just have a grand time together, irritating the boys (Quixote, Ramah and Lu) across the fence.”


How did you get started volunteering with the Girl Scouts?

“Through my son Joker’s foster mom, Cyndi Young-Preston.  Cyndi works for the Girl Scout council, and one day she told me she needed help at Vet Science Camp down at Icimani Adventure Center.  My calendar was clear, so I offered to go with her.  I am so glad I did!  Those Girl Scouts are really friendly.  They greeted me with big hugs, and made me feel so welcome.  I was a little concerned I’d get hungry … I mean, I’m used to eating about 22 hours a day … but every time I thought I was going to absolutely die of starvation, the girls brought me some choice grass.  Ahhhhh … that’s the life.”


Vet-Science-Camp-at-Icimani---July-13-16,-2010-(30)  Molly B at Vet Science Camp, 2010


So what’s in the works for this summer?

“I assume you mean for the Girl Scouts.  (Because back at the farm, I’ll be busy mowing the grass and fertilizing the pasture.)  Some miniature horses and I will be visiting a camp for inner-city girls June 4.  I’ll be at Dark Hollow Day Camp June 25, along with a mini horse and a mini donkey; a Rocky Mountain horse; two hedgehogs; a therapy dog from TheraPets; a service dog for the deaf; and an Australian Shepherd.  Finally, I’ll be at a recruitment event September 20.”


My goodness … you have a busy few months coming up!

“I know, but I love it.  My mama raised me right.  She always said, ‘Molly, you were born to serve others.  If someone needs a leg up, you be sure to stand by them and be strong.’  When it’s my turn for the Rainbow Bridge, I want to look back and know I made a difference.”


You already have, Molly B … you already have.  


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  1. Millie Steele says:

    I loved this story!!! I love Molly B, too! Thank you for writing it. Also, I love the new blog.

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