Harnessing the Awesome Girl-Power of STEM



By Molly B Cox
(I’m the one with the paint on her side)


I freely admit that the only stems I’m familiar with are the ones on a blade of grass or perhaps a tasty tree branch.


My human colleagues, though, have arrogantly informed me that it’s not stem … it’s STEM:  Science, Technology, Engineering and Math.


Oh.  I knew that.


On March 14, nearly 80 of our girls attended STEM Power Day, sponsored for the second year by AREVA’s Women in Nuclear (WIN) chapter at one of three AREVA facilities in Lynchburg.  AREVA specializes in nuclear and renewable energy … and WIN is an all-female group composed of nuclear engineers, and communications and computer software engineers.


Our Brownies, Juniors, and Cadettes worked on science and technology badges as they learned the basics of nuclear energy, performed science experiments with household products, and toured the Technical Training Center.  They even heard about STEM-related career fields; specifically through AREVA.


From these pictures (thank you, Jessie Dawson!), I’d say the day was a success.  What do you think?


IMG_20150314_133733150 IMG_20150314_133554439
IMG_20150314_143023373 Girl Scouts - Group
IMG_20150314_133626303 IMG_20150314_114845190

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