Savannah Bound: Adventures of Troop 1024

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by Molly B Cox (here I am on the day my son Joker was born)


My ears as the unofficial Girl Scout horse (years … I meant YEARS … doggone that auto-correct) have brought me in contact with some really terrific humans.  As I’ve learned interesting tidbits, I have presented stories about my human co-workers … and the funny, scary and inspirational things that have happened to them.  Well, it’s time again to tell all.  Today’s escapades come from Stephanie Barb!



stephanie barb


by Stephanie Barb, Orange Service Unit Manager, Troop 1024 Co-Leader


So, it is a rite of passage for every Girl Scout troop to make the pilgrimage to the birthplace:  Savannah Georgia.  For us leaders, we spend the better half of a year planning this trip.  I know, we are supposed to have the girls plan the trip but there is just something we do not let the girls do.  Where to stay?  What activities can we cram into every minute to make this trip AWESOME?  How do we get 25 people from Orange, Virginia, to Savannah, Georgia?  Really, how much will it cost?  Did everyone pay?  Are the appropriate forms completed and approved?  That is the easy part!




Well, let me tell you:  traveling for 10 hours in a car with girls can be fun, except for when one of the girls gets car sick.  Sweet Savannah (not the city but the Girl Scout) tried to make the trash can and mostly did, bless her heart!  Also, a big shout-out to the State Trooper that stopped to check on us while we cleaned out the van.


barf bags

In case you did not know, every rest stop now has free barf bags.  They hand them out from the cute Girl Scout-green dispensers next to the side walk.  I suggest that you load up before your trip.


camp low


Well, after 10 hours, we made it to camp.  Girl Scouts of Historic Georgia has a great camp (Camp Low) about 20 minutes outside of Savannah.  We rented eight cabins, with a dining hall and bath-house, for $40 a night.  Now, that was a bargain!  They were even nice enough not to charge us for the raccoon that broke into the girls’ cabin and refused to vacate.  Now, that was exciting!


We walked around downtown Savannah, met some interesting people, ate at some good restaurants (Lady and Sons and Leopold’s), took a horse-drawn carriage ride and shopped at the RiverWalk.




All in all, the trip was AWESOME.  We visited the Juliet Gordon Low House, the Andrew Low House, the First Headquarters and Old Fort Jackson.  At Old Fort Jackson, the girls learned flag-signaling and Morse Code, practiced firing the cannon and were part of a Girl Scout Militia!  At the end, our guides really fired the cannon for us!  BOOM!


fort jackson


The last day, we attended a half-day program at the Mighty 8th Museum to learn about the creation of that Air Force Regiment to fly in WWI … except for my co-leader Alisha.  The night before, her car engine started making noises that car engines should not make!  That did not affect the girls, though!  The girls each got to pose for the Rosie the Riveter poster.


rosie the riveter


Let me tell you, the people at that museum are top-notch.  I know this because I took off my wedding rings and left them on the table.  I went back the next day and they had saved them for me!  Whew, they saved my skin!


dolphin cruise


We ended that day with a Dolphin Cruise.  We actually did get to see dolphins!  The kids had a blast.  The leaders made it home alive.  All in all, it was a GREAT trip … minus the puke, broken-down cars, raccoon, and lost wedding rings.

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  1. Kari Eggleston says:

    We are a troop from Ohio looking to go to Savannah and would love to ask some questions about your journey and for recommendations.

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